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Other Reconstruction Sources on the Web

If you would like to learn more about the Civil War, check out the web sites for the following topics!
Lincoln's Assassination
The impeachment of Andrew Johnson

Emancipation Day Celebration.

Abraham Lincoln Online.
          Read in his own words what Lincoln had to say throughout his life about
          slavery and emancipation.

Freedmen And Southern Society Project.
          Established in 1976, the Freedmen and Southern Society Project seeks
          "to capture the essence of [emancipation] by depicting the drama of
          emancipation in the words of the participants: liberated slaves and defeated
          slaveholders, soldiers and civilians, common folk and the elite, Northerners
          and Southerners."

A Hypertext on American History from the colonial period until Modern Times
          Read an address from a convention of African-Americans held in Alexandria,
          Virginia, from August 2 to 5, 1865.

A Hypertext on American History from the colonial period until Modern Times
          Read the report of the Joint Comittee on Reconstruction, given on June 20, 1866.

Lincoln's Assassination
A drawing which depicts Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

Abraham Lincoln's Assassination.
          An excellent site created by a former history teacher.
Washington Personality: John Wilkes Booth.
          A biography of Abraham Lincoln's assassin.
General Henry L. Burnett's memories of the Lincoln assassination trial.
          The recollections of General Henry L. Burnett, a witness to the trial of John
          Wilkes Booth.

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library.
          A site created by the Library of Congress regarding the Lincoln assassination.
The White House: Abraham Lincoln.
          The official Lincoln page from The White House web site.
Abraham Lincoln: The Man and His Hour.
          A site created by the Southern Initiative which offers an interesting and
          controversial view of the sixteenth President.

The impeachment of Andrew Johnson
President Andrew Johnson.

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.
          An excellent site created by Harper's Weekly.
Andrew Johnson's Impeachment Ordeal.
          A site created by
Internet Public Library Biography of Andrew Johnson.
          A brief biographical sketch of Andrew Johnson from the Internet Public

Andrew Johnson's Obituary from The New York Times.
          Andrew Johnson's obituary from page one of the August 1, 1875 edition of
          The New York Times.

"Andrew Who?: The Clinton Scandal from the Perspective of the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson."
          A paper presented at SUNY-Plattsburgh.