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HIS 105
Summer 1999
Paper Two

    Historians once assumed that the Revolution was just another chapter in the unfolding story of human liberty. This idea was popular during the 19th century.
    By the end of that century, a new idea came forth. Historians now began to look at the American Revolution not as an advancement of the idea of liberty, but as a constitutional conflict within the British empire.
    Yet another idea was raised in the early 20th century. Historians in the 1920s began to argue that the Revolution resulted mainly from issues of economics and social class.

    In your second 2-3 page paper, I want you to tell me what you think caused the colonies to revolt from the control of the British empire. Was the Revolution caused by growing ideas of liberty and freedom, or was it more just an economic and social dispute?

Your papers are due on Tuesday, June 15.