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School Safety

The ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education
        An extensive site from one of the nation's leading research
        centers housed at Columbia University Teacher's College.

The National School Safety Center
        An organization which provides training and resources for
        preventing school crime and violence.

Safe Schools, Safe Students Newsletter
        A monthly newsletter concerning school safety issues published
        by School to Work Publications, Inc.

Gun Control

Gun Control
        An excellent site containing an index of web sites devoted to
        both sides of this divisive issue.

E-mail Gun Debate
        A site on which you can read e-mail responses concerning the
        issue of gun control; and where you can send in your own

Video Games, the Media & the Internet

The UCLA Center for Communication Policy
        A center at UCLA which studies violence on TV.

        An organization which seeks to raise awareness about media
        and society.

Intellectual Freedom and Censorship on the Internet
        An index of documents relating to the issue of internet
        censorship and the Decency in Communications Act of 1996.

Internet Censorship Report
        A thorough examination of the internet censorship issue by the
        Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists.

Race & the Internet

Alabama's White Pride
        A web site maintained by the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama.

Straight Edge White Power Skins
        One of many White Power sites on the net.